Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy Zeal 8-bit Computer?

It is already possible to buy the motherboard from Tindie, check if it is still in stock right now by clicking here!

Keep in mind that this release is for developers only as the software, including Zeal 8-bit OS and programs for it, are still work in progress.

Since April 2024, the Zeal 8-bit Video Board is also available to buy on Tindie!

Is Zeal 8-bit Computer available as a kit or a finished product?

The motherboard has been launched as a finished product, which means it is already assembled, you only need to plug the power, the UART and you are good to go.

After some viewers informed me that they would also be interested in buying Zeal 8-bit Computer as a PCB kit, I am happy to announce that it is now also available as a kit!

You can grab it on Tindie by clicking here

How far will Zeal 8-bit project go?

Ideally, I would like to turn it into a real product. It means to have a working operating system made for it, where we can launch the software, play games, write code, etc... As such, it could be used by anyone who would like to learn low-level programming or learn more about how computers work in general as the complexity of 8-bit computers is way lower than those we have today.

In fact, I have already started developing such operating system, called Zeal 8-bit OS, you can check it on Github

The extension port and user port make it easy to add new features to Zeal 8-bit Computer, so anyone can propose his external extension.