Zeal 8-bit® Computer
April 2024
First release of Zeal 8-bit Video Board! The board has a size of 5x10cm. It is ready to be used with any public revision of Zeal 8-bit Computer. Read more >
December 2023
Release v1.3.1 of Zeal 8-bit Computer. The board sees two new 2.54mm pads, located near by the power and switch and the reset switch. They let the user plug any arbitrary external component to perform a reset or power on and off the board. Read more >
November 2022
First public release, v1.1.0, of Zeal 8-bit Computer. The board still has a size of 15x10cm. It is now using a voltage supervisory device to generate a clean and stable RESET signal. Jumpers have been added to manually enable or disable H-blank and V-blank signals from an external source. Read more >
February 2022
Fourth and pre-final prototype for the Zeal 8-bit Computer. The board keeps its size of 15x10cm. It adds an MMU, replacing the former memory banking, and a Real-Time Clock powered by a 2032 battery. A single PLD is now used for glue logic. Read more >
December 2021
The third prototype represents a hybrid form factor in terms of size, this one is 15x10cm. Overall features are similar to the previous prototype, glue logic has been replaced by two PLDs. An internal 32KB I2C EEPROM was connected. Read more >
June 2021
The second prototype was done, it's the biggest of them all: 21x11cm. ROM was upgraded to 256KB, RAM to 512KB, and accessible via banking. It added new features such as a PS/2 keyboard port, a Z80 PIO, a video connector, and level shifters. Read more >
April 2021
The first prototype of Zeal 8-bit computer came to live, a small form factor, 10x10 cm, it has a Z80 CPU, 32K ROM, 128KB of RAM, and 5 LEDs for feedback. Quiet simple, yet enough to run the software and be considered a computer. Read more >