About me

Creator of Zeal 8-bit Computer

Passionate about computer science since a young age, I have never stopped being curious about all the electronic devices I encounter. My first game console is the GameBoy Color, which is based on a Sharp LR35902 processor, which is a modified Zilog Z80. This is when I started being fascinated by this architecture capabilities.

I didn't get the chance to use and learn low-level programming with an 8-bit computer as it was already considered obsolete technology. However, the idea of getting one never left my mind. This is why in 2021, I started making Zeal, an 8-bit computer powered by a real Z80 processor, to realize my childhood dream.

As I am making this project on my own, in my spare time, it took me some time to a reach point where I could get a working PCB and FPGA board working together. After getting convincing results, I decided to open my Youtube channel.

Currently, my free time is all dedicated to Zeal 8-bit computer, however, I am also intending to use my understanding to make other interesting electronic/computer-related things in the near future. This would be related to testing other retro computers or making extensions for Zeal, etc...

Contact me

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, you can send me an email, I will reply as soon as possible: email address

About Zeal 8-bit

Zeal 8-bit Computer project started in April 2021, when I noticed that the Zilog Z80 processor was still sold despite being 30 years old! The Zilog Z80 is a fairly simple processor to understand and to program for, so it makes it very simple for everyone interested in computer science to learn more about hardware and low-level programming.

As you can see through the different prototypes made until now, the project started as a simple Single Board Computer before evolving into a more complex board including several advanced features such as a Memory Management Unit or a Real-Time Clock. The main goal of this project is to have a complete 8-bit computer that can be used for personal purposes, launching software or games made by anyone, but also for educational purposes, being able to write code: high-level languages or assembly directly from Zeal itself.

Having a community around Zeal 8-bit Computers, with people sharing their programs, discussing improvements, ideas about potential extensions, etc, is also one goal of this project.